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Industrial Robotic Automation for Food and Bakery Production

Apex Motion Control is a Leading Provider of Collaborative Robots – Cobots, Robotic Integration and Automation Systems for Food and Bakery Manufacturing.
We design and build cobots and robotic industrial automation production equipment for the food and baking industry that can be used as stand-alone machines
or integrated into your existing production line for decorating cakes & cookies, pick n place, loading and unloading trays, and basket stacking for C-stores.

Never caged, free range and user friendly industrial Cobots that can safely work alongside your production team.

Are you experiencing disruptions in production due to Labor Shortages
and New Regulations? We Are Here to Help.

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Baker-Bot keeps production running at full capacity while practicing physical distancing.

Customer Testimonials

“Any bakery or facility that does long runs of labour-intensive processes could benefit from the Baker-Bot. There is loads of potential of what you can do with it once you understand how to communicate with it. It could definitely help out in many ways.”

Amanda Fortier • Production Manager • Junior's Cheesecake

“I have worked on several projects with Apex Motion Control and they have been a true partner of ours. They have a deep understanding of the bakery environment and I consider their equipment to be some of the best we have in our plants. It is robust and build to last, so I can highly recommend them.”

Steve Block • Project Engineer • Sweet Street Desserts

“I recommend Apex Motion Control’s equipment to people all the time. They’re the most responsive people I’ve ever worked with, and their team is awesome!”

Peter Hess • CEO • Corso’s Cookies

“It’s a pleasure to work with Apex Motion Control. Rob has been great in listening to our needs and produced robotic solutions custom designed for our applications. It’s nice to work with a company that has the technical expertise and customer service we need to succeed as a company. Many thanks to Rob and the Apex team.”

Bryan Thoma • Director of Engineering • Natural Factors
David Smart Greenhalgh's

“When we installed the machine in our plant, we literally plugged it in and it has been working great ever since. We were a week behind schedule at the time but with the cookie decorating machine we caught right up. We would definitely buy from Apex again.”

David Smart • Managing Director • Greenhalghs Craft Bakery U.K

“I have worked with Apex Motion Control very closely for the past 16 years on the controls and automation of equipment for bakeries and the food service industry. Apex Motion Control has been a significant aspect that allowed Unifiller Systems to grow and become a leader in terms of controls, automation and robotics. Beyond controls, Apex Motion Control has a deep understanding of the food industry and is very capable of designing and building mechanical process equipment. Apex Motion Control is easy to work with and highly experienced in their field to provide quality equipment and industry leading innovation.”

Andy Sigrist • Senior Product Manager • Unifiller Systems