What effect will COVID-19 have on our Food and Bakery Supply?

COVID-19 or Coronavirus how we commonly know it, has only been with us for a short time but the effects have been felt worldwide. Consumers are stocking up on water, supplies and… toilet paper, but are they stocking up on food items?

With so much human interaction involved in the production of consumable products, will consumers begin to rethink and worry about buying baked goods such as muffins, bread, pies, cakes and cookies? How about pre packaged proteins and sauces? Maybe a new demand for buying local, instead of importing consumable goods will begin to take form and become the new norm.
If you’re a food or bakery manufacturer, this just may be the perfect opportunity to look at your product categories and explore the possibility of sourcing these specialty products locally, or maybe even producing them yourself. This will help keep your customers coming back and at the same time, attract a new customers base.

Is Automation in food production more important now than ever?

Automation has always played a key role in high volume production. Viruses or no viruses, it is here to stay. We’re not here to say that automation should replace your human workers, just rethink your production, re-purpose your workers to tasks that require less hands-on and allow automation to play a bigger role in your plant that require touching just as decorating, finishing and loading and unloading of trays.

Aside from all the important tasks automation can do such as optimizing consistency and reducing waste in your plant, automation can also help play a key role in reducing the spread of such diseases from producer to consumer. Less hands means less chance of contamination because Robots Do Not Catch or Spread Viruses.
Take a look around, we are seeing and feeling the effects of how easily a contagious disease such as COVID-19, a pandemic flu can quickly change the buying and behavioral habits of everyday people. Have you looked at the global markets lately? This is not to say that we should be panicked or fearful, panic is what we don’t want,  just be aware and take the necessary measures and precautions to protect yourself, your loved ones and our food supply chain.

Or maybe we just ride this wave out like we did with all the other contagious and deadly diseases that have come and gone and soon enough it will be back to business with the blessing from the W.H.O — World Health Organization.

At Apex Motion Control we take Novel Coronavirus serious and so should you. Automation is not the key to stop the spread of such diseases, what it takes is you and I being responsible to one another. If you’ve been experiencing labor shortages because workers have been doing the right thing and staying home with symptoms, you may have also been experiencing challenges with keeping your production floor flowing. The grocery stores are lined up, shopping carts are overflowing and products are flying off the shelves  — this is where automation can really help during these unpredictable times. We all need to eat and we simply cannot stop the production. If you want to talk about robotic and machine automation in your plant, take some time and give us a call, maybe we can help.

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