What is "Industry 4.0"?

And what does it mean for bakeries and food manufacturers?

If you’re a professional in the food manufacturing or baking industry, it’s almost guaranteed that you’re always looking for ways to improve your operations and stay ahead of the competition. And while doing your research, you may stumble across the term “Industry 4.0” quite often. Even if you’ve heard the term countless times, you may still be left wondering: what exactly does that mean?
Simply put, it’s another way of saying “the fourth industrial revolution“, and it’s all about using technology to automate and improve manufacturing processes. One popular example is the Internet of Things (IoT), which is when machines are connected to the internet and can communicate with each other and with humans in real-time.

Industry 4.0 Applications in the Food Manufacturing Industry and the Baking Industry

You may now be wondering, “how can Industry 4.0 benefit my business?”
Great news, there’s a ton of ways it can help! Industry 4.0 is already having a big impact on the food manufacturing and baking industry, and it’s still continuing to grow. Here are some examples of how Industry 4.0 technology is already helping businesses today:
    • Sensors are being used to monitor the quality of ingredients, and they can also track the temperature and humidity of products during storage and transportation. This helps companies ensure that they’re producing high-quality, safe products while reducing waste.
    • Robotics and next-level automation are helping food production become more efficient, accurate, consistent and adaptable to the ever changing and demanding food industry.
    • Data analytics tools are empowering businesses to make better-informed decisions, which optimizes operations and reduces costs. 
    • IoT technology has helped improve food safety, by providing real-time monitoring of production. This allows food manufacturers to better identify and address any potential safety issues before it reaches the consumer.
Industry 4.0 image


If you’re a professional in the baking industry or food manufacturing industry, you know it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies. Industry 4.0 is the future of manufacturing, and thanks to improved accessibility through innovation, it’s not just for big corporations anymore. No matter the size of your business, there are plenty of ways that you can benefit from the fourth industrial revolution.
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