Baker-Bot Collaborative Robot for Food & Bakery Production

Labor Shortage, Distancing & Versatility

Pick and Place with the Baker-Bot Cobot

Horizontal Form Fill Seal Sauce Filling

Automated Cookie Production

Robotic 3 Color Cake Decorating

Pizza Dough Dividing & Racking

Automated Pizza Sauce Sprayer

Robotic Bagel Traying and Racking

Robotic Cookie Decorating & Racking

Baker-Bot with Formatic Cookie Machine

Robotic End of Line Packaging

Robotic Targeted Pie Filling

Baker-Bot Cobot Capabilities Overview

Baker-Bot Quick Safety Overview

Deco-Bot Robotic Decorating for Cakes, Pies and Cookies

Robotic Decorating, Writing & Drizzling

Robotic Cookie Decorating

Whipped Topping Applications

Robotic 3 Color Cake Decorating

Robotic Palletizing & End of Line Robotic Packaging

Zero Footprint Palletizer

Industrial Milk Jug Palletizing

Robotic Pick and Place Overview

Robotic Vitamin Bottle Packaging

Yogurt Cup Primary Packaging

Robotic End of Line Palletizing

Robotic Tray Handling — Stacking, Feeding & Racking

Tray Loading, Unloading & Batter Depositing

Tray Stacker for C-Stores & Restaurants

Automatic Tray Feeder & Paper Liner

Cookie Transfer Robot

Automatic Bakery Tray Feeding & Racking