The Baker-Bot easily integrates into an existing system to provide tray handling tasks from conveyor to racks and racks to conveyors.

Benefits and Features:
• Collaborative, safe and versatile.
• Helps reduce repetitive strain.
• Dual Racking — One rack fills and is taken away while it begins loading the other rack.
• Increase productivity and consistency — works hour after hour without a break.


Manually loading trays from a dolly onto a conveyor is time consuming and can cause excessive physical strain and risk of injury. The Tray Feeder automatically loads trays onto a conveyor with or without parchment paper.

Benefits and Features:

• Holds up to 80 trays.
• Feeds up to 15 trays per minute.
• Optional automatic paper liner.
• Intuitive HMI for easy setup.
• Easy washdown and maintenance.
• Reduces repetitive strain injury and helps with labor shortages.


The Tray & Basket Stacking System was specifically designed for bakeries that deliver daily products to chain restaurants or c-stores where order and product quantity varies. And with the integrated barcode scanner, driver no longer need to sort through the basket once they are set up for delivery.

Benefits and Features:
• Stacks any size of industry standard breadbaskets
• Integrated barcode scanner & label inspection.
• Quick and easy tool changer — less than 1 minute.
• Stacks up to 12 trays per minute.
• 500 lb stack capacity.
• Safety light curtains (no additional guarding required).