Adaptable, reliable, and highly productive industrial palletizers for small to large-scale food production that requires faster throughput with heavier payloads.

Apex Motion Control collaborates with KUKA robots, ensuring a high quality, simplistic design. The end result is an industrial robotic palletizer that is extremely reliable that requires very little maintenance.

Benefits and Features:
• High quality, simplistic design.
• High throughput and heavy payloads.
• Easy to maintain and support — remote support options are available.

Apex Motion Robotic palletizer

Collaborative palletizing offers many options with our in-house designed cobot, the Baker-Bot. Collaborative palletizing is perfect for smaller jobs that require a small footprint and consistent speed.

The end result is a safe and collaborative palletizing solution that is easy to use, easy to set up, and requires very little maintenance.

Benefits and Features:
• Safe to work with humans – no safety caging required.
• Easy to set, clean up maintain.
• High quality, simplistic friendly design.
• The Baker-Bot can be used to multi-task.