Baker-Bot Depositing over a MultiVac Horizontal Form Fill Seal Line

Baker-Bot Tray Handling with a Multi-Station Multi Piston Depositor

Baker-Bot Robotic Cookie Decorating and Tray Racking

Automated Targeted Pizza Sauce Spraying with the Baker-Bot

Baker-Bot Pizza Dough Traying with Handtmann Dough Divider

Baker-Bot Soft Product Pick n Place with Soft Robotic Gripper

Targeted Filling for Pie Shells and Containers with the Baker-Bot

Excellent Bagels Dough Traying and Racking with the Baker-Bot

Robotic Packaging with the Baker-Bot Collaborative Robot

Baker-Bot Robotic Cake Decorating & Writing

Baker-Bot with Formatic Cookie Machine

Baker-Bot Traying Cookies with Cookie Machine

Baker-Bot Easter Egg Cake Decorating

Robotic Shaved Coconut Spreading

Baker-Bot Robotic Tray & Pan Handling


Baker-Bot Cobot capabilities

Baker-Bot – The Robotic Bakery and Food Worker

The Baker-Bot is a collaborative robot (cobot) that is safe and easy to use and does not require guarding. It can be integrated into most production lines and will become one of your most reliable employees — shows up every day, takes no breaks, works day & night and does all the dull, repetitive, dangerous and dirty work.

• Collaborative – safe to work with and beside humans
• Repeatability – ensures consistent product quality
• Safe – No guarding and reduces repetitive strain injury

Suggested Applications:
• Sheet pan loading, unloading and racking with conveyors and baker’s racks.
• Liquid or semi liquid depositing with the use of a piston filler.
• Cake decoration and writing.
• Panning of product onto sheet pans.
• Packaging lines such as depositing over a horizontal form fill seal line.

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