Automation Equipment for Pie Production and Bagel Production


What equipment does your company produce that can help food manufacturers with pie or bagel production?


  1. Deco-Bot (Pie Production)
    For pie production, Apex Motion Control’s Deco-Bot can support egg wash application and decorating processes. The Deco-Bot is an all-in-one robotic decorating station that is capable of accurately decorating pies with a hand-made look. It allows for quick tooling and nozzle changeover, meaning that a single Deco-Bot can produce multiple designs as needed. Whether you need to drizzle syrup, apply egg wash, or outline a pie with whipped cream, the Deco-Bot can be configured to meet your needs.
    The Deco-Bot also features an easy-to-use graphic interface for drawing or writing patterns, making it easy for anyone to use, regardless of their experience with automation. This system can also be integrated with OEM depositors and pumps, making it a great complement to other pieces of equipment that a company already has. Overall, this high-speed high-payload system can improve the efficiency of the pie production process, while allowing employees to focus on more valuable tasks.
    To get a better idea of what the Deco-Bot’s decorating capabilities are like, you can watch their pie decorating demo through their YouTube channel:
  2. Baker-Bot (Bagel Production)
    Apex Motion Control’s Baker-Bot is a cobot (collaborative robot) that is specially designed to help bakery and food manufacturers with repetitive, non-value-added tasks. With its wide range of applications, it can support the bagel production process, such as tray handling. For example, the Baker-Bot can load and unload trays and racks from conveyors, and it can also handle trays from single or double rack setups. When using a double rack setup, the lower part of the Baker-Bot frame has an automatic locking and unlocking feature that is automatically activated when the rack is empty or full. After this feature is activated, the Baker-Bot then begins to load or unload trays from the next rack automatically. For any bagel production processes that repeatedly move bagels from conveyors onto trays, then placing those trays onto racks, the Baker-Bot can be easily integrated to relieve repetitive strain and address labor shortages. You can see a demo of this application on Apex’s YouTube channel:

In addition to its tray handling functionality, the Baker-Bot has packaging applications as well. It has versatile gripper configurations to accommodate different types of products, including soft touch grippers for products that require a gentle touch. With its speed, accuracy, and versatility, the Baker-Bot can provide support through end-of-line packaging. You can watch Apex’s demo of Baker-Bot packaging applications on their YouTube channel:

Another useful quality of the Baker-Bot is that it does not have to be caged or placed in a “safe zone” to operate. The built-in sensors automatically detect when humans get close, and these sensors tell the Baker-Bot to drastically reduce its speed or stop until the area is clear. Cobots generally do not work at excessively fast speeds like larger caged robotic systems, which allows these cobots to safely work alongside humans.
** However, a user must always use the utmost precautions when working in the vicinity of robotics and automation such as the Baker-Bot. Always be aware of your surrounding and the movement of the Baker-Bot.The Baker-Bot is also mobile and versatile, and it can be fitted with various different attachments for other applications such as decorating or palletizing. This multi-functionality allows the Baker-Bot to be used for more than just tray management, so a single cobot can support a wide range of needs. The Baker-Bot has an easy-to-use interface on its touchscreen tablet as well, so anyone can use the cobot regardless of their technical knowledge. If somebody can use a cellphone, they have enough experience to use the Baker-Bot too.

  1. What are some benefits of using equipment for pie or bagel production?
    With equipment like the Deco-Bot and the Baker-Bot, customers often state that it provides excellent support during the ongoing labor shortage. These systems help increase productivity and consistency, and they can work multiple shifts without taking a break, making it a reliable source of value. These systems are also easy-to-clean, which can improve food safety and reduce cross-contamination between products. Not only that, but these systems can provide relief to existing staff too, by eliminating the chance of repetitive stress injury from these tedious tasks. Existing employees can also be repurposed to other segments of the production process, so they can focus on more valuable tasks. An added benefit to these systems is reduced waste; since these systems can handle products with high levels of consistency, there will be a reduced amount of product defects.
    Overall, with automation equipment, pie and bagel manufacturers will be able to reap a wide variety of benefits that can improve efficiency, quality, and employee health as well.
  2. Can you give me an example of a food processor where Apex Motion Control has successfully applied their automation products and services to help with pie or bagel production?
    One of our customers was pie manufacturer who wanted to find a more efficient way to apply egg wash and sugar water (simple syrup) onto their pies as they went down a conveyor. This customer also specified that egg wash or sugar water shouldn’t go on the conveyor nor the pie tins, otherwise the appearance would be ruined.
    To achieve this solution, the Deco-Bot with a custom nozzle, specially tailored for this type of application was designed to quickly and easily be installed and removed for easy cleaning without the use of tools. This nozzle combined targeted depositing with a brush, allowing the egg wash and sugar water to be evenly spread across the customer’s pies, without getting anyh on the conveyor or the pie tins. The Deco-Bot was equipped to have 4 nozzles running at the same time, meaning that 4 pies could be simultaneously coated, pre-bake.
    Thanks to this new solution, our customer was able to double their throughput and significantly reduce their amount of wasted product, all while keeping their signature hand-made look. As an additional bonus, this system reduced the amount of repetitive strain injuries experienced by our customer and their employees.You can watch our short YouTube video to learn more about this project: