Maybe you’ve already learned a bit about cobots (click here if you need a quick refresher), but now that you’ve heard the term “RaaS” thrown around, you might be even more confused about how to implement this new kind of automation. Here’s a quick guide on RaaS and some of its benefits.

What does RaaS mean?

RaaS stands for “Robots-as-a-Service”. It’s similar to the concept of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) but for robots instead! Unlike traditional automation upgrades where you have an upfront investment, RaaS allows you to hire a robot just like you would a new employee with an hourly wage.

Instead of paying the robot the hourly wage, you would pay the automation provider the average hourly wage. Then, when you are done with the robot, you can easily hand it back to the provider with no fuss!
This new alternative in manufacturing is revolutionizing the world of robotics — becoming an increasingly popular option for companies looking to implement automation without the upfront costs.

Why choose RaaS over traditional automation?
Here are the top 3 benefits of RaaS:

1) You don’t have to worry about overtime.

With RaaS, overtime is a thing of the past! Once you set your minimum weekly working hours, if your robot works beyond that amount, you’ll only be charged the same hourly rate with no extra costs. Not only that, but since these robots don’t arrive late for work, can’t get sick, and don’t need to take breaks, you can remain certain that your money is being used productively.

Baker-Bot with Soft-Gripper

2) You don’t have to keep it if you don’t need it.

Unlike traditional automation which is usually installed on a production floor to be stationary, RaaS allows you to return your robot once you no longer need it. Not only that, but unlike a human employee, you won’t even need to worry about putting together a severance package, among other things. With RaaS, the cancellation process is quick and simple, and there’s no hard feelings either way.

3) You don’t have to wait as long.

Unlike traditional automation, you don’t have to wait for lengthy periods of time while the equipment is being designed, developed, and specially customized. In fact, when you order a RaaS robot, it can be easily installed and functional in as little as 4 weeks! This quick deployment is possible because the developers have already completed the hard work of designing the robots’ applications in advance, thus making the software ready for use when you need it. Thanks to this shorter setup period, you’ll be able to experience the full benefits of automation without the wait.

We hope this quick overview of RaaS has provided you with a better understanding of new alternatives for implementing automation in your plant.

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