Because we all missed going to tradeshows this year, including IDDBA 2020, Apex Motion Control and a few of our close friends we will be bringing the equipment to you.

Apex Motion Control Live Tradeshow June 25th, 2020

Coming to you Live on June 25th with a few of our close friends.
Apex Motion Control, specialists in robotic and automation for the baking and food industry will be hosting a fully equipped live virtual tradeshow from our plant in British Columbia, Canada.
The event will take place on June 25th, 2020 and will feature equipment from Unifiller, Handtmann, FME and Apex Motion Control. Questions will be answered as we walk through the booth demonstrating the equipment.

Unifiller Multi-Station Servo Depositor
The servo driven MultiStation depositor from Unifiller is a high-speed compact solution for precise multi-piston depositing of soft or stiff batters, chunky fillings, egg custards, liquid products and more, using servo-driven technology. Visit for more info.

Handtmann VF608 Plus – Vacuum filling & Portioning
The VF 608 plus is the perfect partner for day-to-day production activities for small-scale producers. It reliably ensures a diverse range of first-class quality products. Accurate to the gram and appetising. The VF 608 plus is extremely well-suited to the production of pastry products and accurate portioning.
Visit for more info.

FME CCM Wire Cut Cookie Depositor
The CCM wire cut dough depositor and extruder from FME can easily handle various dough types including soft, semi-solid and extra stiff doughs such as cookies, brownies, energy bars and gluten free dough with particulates such as nuts, seeds, raisins or flavored chips and chunks. It works with the Baker-Bot and Tray Feeder to become an semi-autonomous cookie production line. Visit for more info.

Baker-Bot 3 and Baker-Bot 10
The Baker-Bot is a user friendly, easy to use and safe Cobot that can be used in a food or bakery manufacturing setting with no guarding. Some of the capabilities include tray loading & unloading, cookie & cake decorating & writing, pizza sauce spraying, packaging, pick n place, product panning, targeted filling & depositing. Visit for more info.

This will be the least expensive tradeshow event you've ever attended!