Three Reasons to Invest in Cobots over Industrial Robots

If you are reading this, you’re probably thinking about integrating automation into your business in some shape or form. When building an automation strategy, one key decision is choosing between using an industrial robot or using a cobot. In fact, you may still be wondering this very question: why would someone choose cobots over standard industrial robots? To help give you more insight, here are three main reasons to invest in cobots over industrial robots.

1) Cobots are great for improving worker safety.

Aside from helping prevent work-related injuries from repetitive motion, cobots have built-in safety features such as force sensors that detect motion and automatically stop movement when they come into contact with a human. Also, their vision sensors allow the cobot to slow down when in proximity of an employee.

Baker-Bot with Soft-Gripper2) Cobots have a small and mobile footprint.

Cobots typically have a small compact design in comparison to standard industrial caged robots. Because of this, they can quickly and easily be added to your production line. And thanks to their collaborative nature these cobots do not require guarding, creating even more space between human workers.

3) Cobots can be deployed quickly.

Cobots can be installed and functional in a much shorter timeframe than standard industrial robots. For example, while a standard industrial robot will usually take 4-6 months to be fully set up at its intended location, a collaborative robot can be implemented in as little as 4-6 weeks —giving you the opportunity to experience improved production efficiency without the wait.

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