Cobots – What are they and why they might be good for your business

You’ve most likely seen some buzz around cobots at some point. After all, these machines are starting to gain more popularity in the world of food production. However, you may still be confused on what a cobot is. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered. We’re going give a quick description of what a cobot does, and we’ll describe some of their benefits too!

So what is a Cobot? Collaborative robots, or “cobots” for short, are robots specially designed to work together with humans. This human-friendly quality places them in a different category from industrial robots that are fast-paced but often guarded for human protection. These cobots can mimic the repetitive actions of human workers with ease, and they can work at about the same speed as a human too, if not faster! Overall, a cobot’s main goal is to work together and collaborate with human workers, while also releasing excess stress on labor during production.

Benefits of a Cobot:
Now that you know the basics, you may be wondering why you would choose a cobot over a classic industrial robot. Each type has their own unique benefits, so it depends on what your automation needs are and what your production process looks like. Here are a few aspects where cobots excel over industrial robots:

    1. They’re safe. Cobots have built-in sensors that allow them to safely work together with humans. One of the most common safety features is touch responsiveness, where the cobot will stop moving if it detects any physical contact, thus preventing any injuries from collisions.
    2. They have a small footprint. Cobots are smaller than most industrial robots, using significantly less space on the production floor. Not only that, but since cobots are safe to work with humans, they typically don’t need any safety guarding either.
    3. They’re easy to use. Cobots are designed to be user-friendly, allowing anyone to use them even if you don’t have a background in robotics. Basically, if you can use a smartphone, you can use a cobot too!
    4. They’re multi-purpose. A single cobot can be programmed to have multiple functions, so swapping a tray-racking cobot into an icing-decoration cobot is a piece of a cake. Cobots are usually mobile — allowing them to be wheeled around the production floor to give support where it’s needed.

That wraps up our quick summary on cobots and their benefits! Even so, this is just a small taste of the full potential of cobots. If you want to see some examples of what a cobot can do for you, visit our website to see the Baker-Bot in Action.

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